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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Balyarrow 2017

For the history of the Balyarrow trophy see the appropriate tab
Firstly thanks to Colin Baird and Shelagh Main for the organisation of this competition, which we were hosting this year.  Despite difficulties with some clubs raising a full compliment of players, approximately 70 players from each of the 5 clubs turned up to engage in their three yearly bonspiel.

In the early session, our teams led by Morgan and Sandy both secured victories giving Haddington the lead going in to the second session.  Dave Munro, the man that scored the winning shot in the 2014 competition took an early and commanding lead before getting pegged back.  In the meantime James L was getting a lesson in curling from Strathendrick.  In the final end Dave seemed to remember the script and that the winners get to host the next event, and lost a three and the game.  (I am sure that that was the furthest thing from his mind)

The two losses in the second session meant that we finished in third place overall and the well deserved victors were Strathendrick.  This was fitting, as they were the originators of the Bonspiel, and were the only club of the original five that had yet to win the trophy.

The afternoon was concluded by testing out the capabilities of our new caterers with over 55 players sitting down to a meal, drinks and banter.  The caterers, like Strathendrick, came out with flying colours.

Our skips and senior players also produced a series of prizes for a raffle in aid of the Murrayfield Renovation Appeal.  This raised £340 and thanks were expressed to ALL the Balyarrow Clubs, by Murrayfield for their effort.

RCCC Rink Champs

An early season start for our first 'external' competition resulted in an early season defeat for Willie Kerr and his team.  Despite, fielding a team of experience and youth (You are still young in heart and mind Willie) consisting of Rowena Kerr, Karen Munro and Sandy Nicoll, they were out foxed, and played by Oxenfoord, who progress to the next round.

Opening Bonspiel

Lots of summer rust was dusted off as the four teams led by Graeme, Sandy John G and Colin squared off against each other in the Opening Bonspiel.
New faces, Paula Arnott and Susan Stanton were making their presence known, on the ice and many players found themselves in unusual positions in their rinks.  This afforded them the novelty of getting to play different shots and to experience, in some cases, what a curling match looks like from the other end of the sheet.
Graeme v Sandy started off very positively for Sandy winning the first four ends and racing to a 6 - 0 lead.  At that point, maybe the summer excesses started getting to him, or Graeme remembered he was no longer on his motorbike but anyway the tide turned.  Graeme took all the remaining ends but alas still came up short with a 6 - 3 defeat.
Meanwhile.... John Good and his team of Roy Black, Paula Arnott and Colin Hood were in not in a compromising mood.  From what I witnessed, the only thing they made a mess of all night was the score card!  Before the conclusion of the game John's team reached the end of the new scoreboards and left the ice with a 12 - 0 win.
Congratulations to John, Roy, Paula and Colin H.

President's Drinks

President's Drinks.
A huge thank you to James and Elinor for hosting one of the best 'Early Season Drinks' that I can remember.  It was extremely well attended and the hosts very attentive (although maybe next time, both ends of the cocktail sticks could be sharpened !).  There was a lot of good 'chat' going on in all corners of the room and hallway.
It was great to see some old and newer faces and to catch up with past events.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Rennie - update

With the match secretary now back from his start of season jaunts, the first games for all the teams in the Rennie have now been completed.  Looking at the results, there must be a few people with smirks and high hopes, while some must still be hoping to get rid of the summer rust.
An interesting looking table but can the teams improve and/or maintain their level.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Spring Cleaning

With the new season only a few weeks away your committee has been hard at work securing the required ice and drawing teams.
The website, although looking very familiar (like an old pair of curling shoes) has been updated with all the info for the new season.  Please take some time to trawl through it.

This is a big season with something like an extra 20 sheets of ice having been booked.  Ten of these sheets are for our Tri-annual Balyarrow Competition and the other sheets are to accommodate the additional team for our Rennie Competition.
All the upcoming fixtures should be listed at the top of the webpage.
Remember, if you are on Facebook you can always join our page here .
This page is moderated by Lindsey (Not Nicoll) McConnell, to whom congratulations are sent, and is especially useful for those in the Rennie Competition as she issues 'game alerts' for the junior teams.

Final reminders -
Pay your subscriptions by 5th September
Don't forget to reply to Presidents Drink's Invite
Note the times of ALL your games (Not just the Wingate and Rennie ones)
Arrange your subs early if you cannot make a fixture.

.......enough nagging.
Enjoy, what is left of the summer

Tuesday, 7 March 2017



The Curl Edinburgh 2018 Appeal recently kicked off with great interest and curiosity from our members! The appeal is looking to raise funds for essential modernisations of our curling facility.
The detailed plan, prepared in conjunction with architects, structural engineers, costs consultants, and others, was set out at a launch event last month. In brief, it schedules work in three phases to coincide with our off seasons. The sequence of work is still being confirmed, however the modernisation includes:
  • a new concrete cooling floor,
  • recladding the elevations,
  • energy efficient lighting,
  • the creation of an additional floor above the plant room, and
  • doubling the size of the viewing gallery
The project will be funded by a combination of cash reserves, grants, loans, and donations.
More than 30 years ago, a previous generation of Edinburgh curlers dug deep to ensure the continuation of curling in Edinburgh. Now, it is our turn. We are certain we can meet this challenge and emerge with a modern and efficient facility of which we can all be proud!
Donation forms are available at the bar or in the office or download a copy here. Send in your donation today!

A Closer Look

Phase 1
Planning consent has been secured for Phase 1 of construction. During the first phase of the project, the following will be undertaken:
  • Insulating the curling rink walls
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Modernisation of scoreboards and ice hall d├ęcor

Phase 2
Phase 2 includes the critical replacement of the curling floor:
  • Replace the aging concrete cooling floor
  • Install new flow and return headers
  • Construct foundations to allow for the Phase 3 extension of the first floor viewing area

Phase 3
The final phase of the project will ensure that we control our own destiny and are not at risk of losing communal gathering space. The construction will include:
  • A better-integrated bar and viewing area
  • New office space and roof plant area above the existing plant room
  • A DDA-compliant passenger lift
  • Toilet provision on the first floor

Want to learn more? You can view and download the original launch presentation online:

Launch Presentation